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HCC Security Graphics utilizes a variety of line-based strategies to protect our graphics from copying and scanning.

We have extensively tested a broad range of modern and traditional copying methodologies to determine the effectiveness of our strategies, and utilize this empirical data to engineer all of our graphic designs.

Our patented DoubleTake character screens come in both static and dynamic versions, providing an effective graphic weapon against fraud.

Our proprietary SpiraLok™ screens are the best method for inducing moiré we have ever encountered.

Our anti-copy paper designs use SpiraLok™ technology to produce pre-printed secure paper with a custom or stock hidden message revealed by copying or scanning.

In fact, every element in every one of our designs is engineered to induce moiré in the broadest range of scanners and copiers possible. The images on the right illustrate the induced moiré effect in scans of some of our designs.

© 1996-2007 HCC Security Graphics

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